Human Rights

(This post is from my weekly Pastor’s Page in my church bulletin – Next week will see the completion of this first part)Feature-water2LG

I’ve read in the local paper that the IID (local utility company) is thinking of rationing water to the farmers in the valley.  An action that would undoubtedly affect both, you and me as residents of the valley.

This reminds me of another story.  Two years ago I heard about a man that fills water station in the desert between the Imperial Valley and San Diego.  The purpose of these water station are not for overheating cars or the occasional animal.  Instead these water stations were set up specifically for people walking through the desert in order to come to this country in hopes of a better future.

The big debate that has taken place as a result of these ‘water stations’ is one side arguing that these water stations help to promote illegal entry into this county.  The other side, though not disagreeing with that premise, propose that though they may not be taking the appropriate steps to enter legally into the US their lives are still of infinite importance and for some of them access to the water in these water stations may save their lives.

Who is right?  Both are right and both are wrong.  The deeper issue at hand is to whom do you pledge allegiance to?  If to the law of a particular country what happens when that law makes you oppose the way of God.  And if your allegiance is to God, what happens when you faith to God is called into question by a law of the land you live?

What then?  Make sure to check back here next week to see what the biblical narrative has to say on a topic like this.