I am a Believer in Films

I am a believer in film.  Let me explain.  I’ve always loved watching films.  Good ones, bad ones – you name it I love them all.  I am convinced that what I really like about films is the story they tell and the visual representation of it.  A week ago some friends and I stumbled into the theater and watched “The Day the Earth Stood Still”.  I hadn’t seen any previews but hoped it wouldn’t be a complete waste of time.  It turns out that after getting pasted the main premise (which I won’t give away) – the film was actually quite good, and I will tell you why.  Day_the_earth_stood_still

The film had many Christological(things about Jesus) allusion’s in it.  That is only if you wanted to see them.  Any time I see something that alludes to, mentions, or ever slightly resembles Christological language I love it.  It’s my story.  So, after the film as we talked about some of the themes in the film I thought it would be a good idea to invite the church to come out and watch this film and then we could discuss it.  It sounds like a good idea, except that I come from a community of faith(Seventh-day Adventist) that has for many many years discouraged going to the theater.  It’s one of those things most people do but no one talks about it.  We announced it at our Saturday morning gathering and it turns out that we had 24 people join us.  That was more than I was expecting. What struck me the most was that we had people ranging from ages 11-60’s.  Our discussion afterwards was great too.  We helped make connections between the film and the Biblical Narrative.  Watching a movie broke down barriers and helped us connect on a deeper level.  People of all ages.  Like I said, I am a believer in films because people will watch a film and come away with a story they relate to.  But there aren’t very many people who will willing come to church and listen to a sermon.  It might be too preachy.  Lesson to those who hear.

I could write more about the film itself but you should watch it and see what you think.


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