A Different Way to Look at Politics thru the Eyes of Faith

As a pastor, during this political year people in general have assumed that I will unquestioningly (is that a word?) support a conservative platform, i.e. vote Republican, and support all propositions that espouse conservative values.  Over the last several weeks the intensity and volume of emails I have received has increased greatly to support proposition 8.  I hate that religious leaders think that all clergy will vote the same way. It disgusts me.  As I was reading my friend Ryan Bell’s blog Intersections I came across a link for Brian McLaren’s blog where he writes about the two presidential candidates in a way that I resonate highly with.  You should read it.  Whether you are a democrat, republican, or independent you will find this blog post well written, simple to understand and it will open your mind.  Here are some excerpts from Brian McLaren’s Blog.

In writing about the difference between Obama and McCain McLaren writes about the way both see the world, “this issue of narrative … means far more in a president than whether he claims to be liberal or conservative, religious or nonreligious, Christian or otherwise, Democrat or Republican.”

“Does anyone doubt that Senator McCain lives by a warrior narrative? This is the most consistent theme in his campaign. For him the world is clearly divided into us and them.  We are good; they are evil. We are right; they are wrong. We are about safety; they are about danger.”

“McCain’s word “transcendent” is significant. It suggests a kind of holy war mentality, because for McCain, these us-them dualisms are absolute and therefore of a cosmic, metaphysical, even spiritual nature.”

“Senator Obama certainly believes in a strong national defense. But I believe he leans toward a profoundly different narrative. It is a reconciliation narrative, a peace-building narrative, a collaboration narrative. He made it clear when he said he would change President Bush’s policy of not talking to our enemies. McCain and others tried to portray this alternative approach as cowardice and appeasement, but they were wrong. Instead of dividing the world into “us” and “them,” Obama’s narrative seeks to bring people together in a expanding us.”

Read the post in its entirety by clicking HERE.

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  1. Kurt said:

    Peace through reconciliation. I like that.

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