The Futurist of Today: Erwin McManus

Ceinterview2 I am not easily impressed by many churches.  It is not because I have the most innovative, more creative, biggest, best (the adjectives can go on) church.  I am the first to admit that my churches have their own struggles and deficiencies and that’s ok because we work hard to be the church that is needed in this time and place.  If you are a pastor you will know that, that is no an easy task.  I read somewhere that the turnover rate for pastor’s is extremely high and the average pastor stays at the same church for no more than 5 years.   I believe that.

I have found that in our current context (21st century, Postmodern) it is not easy being a pastor.  I, like many of my pastor friends struggle to put into words what has already been true for thousands of years in a way that a 21st century mind can understand.  I am not always successful, but I keep trying.  So when ever I come across someone that does it well it impresses me.  I was introduced to the ministry of Erwin McManus several years ago at a time when I was at the tail end of my formal education in the seminary.  I was becoming disillusioned with the church I had been a part of my entire life and being exposed to Mosaic gave me hope.  Hope that there are churches who take seriously the message of Jesus and are effective at communicating it.  A few weeks a I came across a fairly recent interview with Erwin McManus and it gives insight into why he has been so effective as a communicator.  Here is the beginning of the interview/article.  At the bottom of this post is the link to the rest of it.

Erwin McManus calls himself a cultural architect. His college major was philosophy, and he spent most of his early, secular career as a futurist working with companies and organizations — and still does as he pastors Mosaic Church in East Los Angeles. The title of cultural architect came about when he and his team were on a boat in Big Bear Lake. He told them he was writing his first book and needed a metaphor that describes in a fresh and accurate way what he actually does as a senior pastor. One of the guys said he was an architect.

“There are two sides to my job,” McManus says. “One is the engineering side; I have to find the way through the structures, systems and processes that help people get what they need.  [To read the rest of the interview click HERE]


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