A Must Read for Pastors

Have you ever been the last person to discover something really important?  I have.  I spent nine years (nearly my entire adult life) in institutions of higher learning(La Sierra Univ./Andrews Univ.) completing the requirements for the degrees to prepare me for the Pastorate.  Today, nine years later I have come across a book that I should have been required to read in 1999 as I began my academic journey. 

The book, Soul Tsunami by Leonard Sweet.  This book is amazing!  In it, Sweet explores the rapidly changing world of the 21st century and the qualities needed of a churches that will succeed in effectively communcating the message of Jesus in our time.  Nothing new you say?   That’s the point.  I have read some excellent books that deal with the same subject matter, i.e. the postmodern mindset, missional Churches, missional leadership, spirituality in the postmodern context, etc. books like The Sky is Falling by Alan Roxburgh, The Forgotten Ways by Alan Hirsh, A New Kind of Christian by Brian McLaren , An Unstoppable Force by Erwin McManus (all of which I highly recommend) all of these books deal with our current social context through the lens of the church but I just read these books within the last year.  Soul Tsunami was published in 1999.  That was my first year in university.  Had I read Soul Tsunami in 1999 it would have caused me see the world more clearly.  It woud have greatly influenced the way I saw ministry and Christianity. 

Most of what I have read so far in Soul Tsunami I have expereinced, learned about, and observed simply by being alive.  But I still highly recommend this book for anyone that is a pastor, contemplating becoming a pastor, or a Christian that find his/her brand of Christianity as irrelevant, misguided, out of touch or reminiscent of a part era.    I plan on blogging more about his book in the future.  There is so much information in this book that can be helpful.  Stay tuned.


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