Say NO to Cellphone Day?

images.jpegI have a question for you.

When was the last time you left your cell phone at home?

I had not realized how much a part of my life my cellphone had become. I never left the house without it. Yesterday morning I discovered that my cell phone was not charged. My cell phone charger was broken. I went to the wireless provider and they said that I needed a new phone, but that I wouldn’t receive my replacement phone for two days. That meant two days without my cellphone. However, I did manage to convince the workers at the phone store to allow me to charge my battery on another one of their phones. Which meant that I was without my cellphone for several hours, both yesterday and today. I cannot tell you how amazing it felt to not have a phone. At first it felt weird, almost a feeling of nakedness. But after the first several minutes it was a freeing experience…maybe it was because no one could get a hold of me (because I am that important). This whole day made me wonder,

“What did we do when cell phones didn’t exist?” Do you even remember what that was like? Maybe it was called the stone age.

This whole experience gave birth to the idea, “Say NO to cellphone Day” where we would all leave our cellphones at home and try to experience life without them. What if there was one day a week when the phone was off all day, and our whole job was to just enjoy life with those closest to us. There might even be a name for that day.


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