What Bush Won’t See in Israel


There is always more than one side to every story. That is especially the case when it comes to politics. In politics it seems that every side of the story is the rights side and yet it is the wrong side. It just depends who tells the story. I wouldn’t say that I am into politics too much, but it is interesting and exciting at times. Tonight as I browsed some of the headlines I came across the article, “Reporter offers Bush a Gaza, West Bank misery tour” by Ben Wedeman, and I just felt like I need to direct your attention to this. This isn’t about being Republican or Democratic, this is about being human. This is what bothered me,

“But he’s(Bush) trapped inside his security bubble, his every step mapped out in great and precise detail by teams of security experts and handlers. In the end he’ll see a side of this unhappy land that bears as much resemblance to reality as Hollywood does to real life…President Bush won’t see the hospital wards where babies, just weeks old, are dying because their doctors can’t get permission from Israeli authorities to go to Israel for treatment as they did in the past.”

Click HERE to read the full article.

  1. Zulema said:

    :/ After our KEP presentation this past Saturday, this resonates even more deeply. It’s not only what Bush won’t see in Israel, but what our filtered media won’t report. Bush whizzed past security barricades and checkpoints during his visit… barricades that were put back up as soon as he left… These checkpoints, barricades, and other Israeli security policies push Palestinians into further poverty, restricting their freedom of movement to and from work,among other things, further devastation their economy. The security measures were placed in order to put a check on terrorism and extremist attacks, but such “security measures” actually keep Palestinians from “living a normal everyday life, humiliating them on a daily basis and intensifying despair and extremism.”

  2. Yes, I really had a difficult time getting through this short article. Still it is real.I am glad your presentation went well. Wait, did it go well?

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