Rainy Day’s and Monday Journal: Limited Environment

Life on Monday’s isn’t always ideal. Monday for many is the worst day of the week because it comes after two days away from work (for most) and Monday begins this endless cycle of work and responsibilities. To quote a line from the Carpenter’s (They are before my time but I still like their music) “Rainy Days and Monday’s always get me down”. In hopes to try and remedy this blue feeling one of the things that I want to begin on this blog in 2008 is a post for every Monday that gives us hope, nourishment and encouragement for the week ahead and life in general. This week I want to post from a book I picked up last week, this book is not the usual kind that sits on my shelves but I was intrigued so I bought it. Joel Osteen’s “Become a Better You”. As I have read through it I have found myself quite surprised at how easy it is for me to pick up this book and enjoy reading it. The following I found to be profound and now I share it with you.

“Here’s the key: The dream in your heart may be bigger than the environment in whichyou find yourself(limited environment). Sometimes you have to get out of that environment in order to see that dream fulfilled. Consider an oak tree. If you plant it in a pot, its growth will be limited. Once its roots fill that pot, it can grow no further. The problem is not with the tree; it is with the environment. It is stifling growth. Perhaps you have bigger things in your heart than your present environment can facilitate. That’s why, at times, God will stir you out of a comfortable a situation. When you go through persecution and rejection, it’s not always because somebody has it in for you. Sometimes, that’s God’s way of directing you into His perfect will. He’s trying to get you to stretch to the next level. He knows you’re not going to go without a push, so He’ll make it uncomfortable for you to stay where you are currently. The mistake we make at times is getting negative and sour; we focus on what didn’t work out. When we do that, we inhibit the opening of new doors.(Page 16)”


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