Should We Ever Judge?

I need your help! A couple of nights ago after a bible study on Luke 7:36-50 a discussion broke out as we were leaving the church.

One of my parishoners asked, “How do we keep from judging?” It seems like such a simple question to answer, but as I opened my mouth to try and give an adequate answer I couldn’t. I didn’t have a good answer. I didn’t even have a bad answer. So this is why I need your help in trying to answer this question.

Is it even possible to not judge?

The more I have thought about this, the more I realize that some of us were raised to judge. What I mean is that from the time we are born, or rather able to comprehend anything – we are taught to judge. Somethings are “right” and other things are “wrong”. Everything becomes black and white. So as we get older we carry these ideas of what is right and wrong and thrust them on everyone else.

Perhaps put another way. We all believe that the way we see the world is the best way or the most moral way (otherwise we would “disavow” our worldview) and anyone who sees the world differently is somehow wrong. I think this can be true even when we try not to be this way. What do you think? Does this even make sense?

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  1. Zulema said:

    I think that unless we were simply uncaring individuals, or not caring of the comparison between ourselves and others, we will necessarily “judge” others, or evaluate them according to our set of beliefs. Perhaps the only thing we can do to overcome this, is what to do about our judgments… if we allow our actions to reflect them, or if we dismiss them as we become aware of them. Perhaps, it can only be a situation to situation conscious decision we make.

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