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For Advent this year our Advent Series was entitled “Hope Rising”, because we believe that in the darkest of times whether it be historical, spiritual, emotional, or mental – Hope Rises with the belief that with the Advent of Jesus he brought hope with Him. Hope of a new way to live that leads to the best possible life. This is the final sermon of our series that wraps up the series and introduces our new series for 2008. Click on the link to listen it might take a few seconds please be patient We’ve Only Just Begun


As the year draws to an end, I hope that the business of the holidays and last minute to-do lists will also draw to a close. I haven’t had much time to post anything substantive in the last month or so but I intend to change that. This is also the end of my first year blogging (or at least half of a year) and it has been an exciting one. But with the new year it is my hope that the writing on this blog will be of more substantive content, hopefully even provoking to think about conventional wisdom. I know blogging can only do so much but if what they say is true about the journey of a thousand miles then i suppose a blog is a good first step. So I invite you to stay tuned and journey with me. I wish for all of you a “Hope Filled New Year”.

img_0023.jpgDo you have a place that you can go where everybody knows you name?  As a Pastor the most ideal place for this to happen is church, but we know that doesn’t always happen.  I don’t mean that by knowing each other’s name we automatically enter into relationship with each other but it is a starting place.  Except that it doesn’t always happen that way.  I don’t think we isolate ourselves on purpose, or stick to certain groups because we want to stay away from others.  It’s just kind of how life happens.  In the coming year I am trying to think of creative ways to learn each other’s names and really enter into a better way of being ekklesia.  If you have any ideas send them to me.  And I don’t want to do the name tag thing.  In any case here is a picture of me at the original Cheers Restaurant on Beacon Hill in Boston.

I need your help! A couple of nights ago after a bible study on Luke 7:36-50 a discussion broke out as we were leaving the church.

One of my parishoners asked, “How do we keep from judging?” It seems like such a simple question to answer, but as I opened my mouth to try and give an adequate answer I couldn’t. I didn’t have a good answer. I didn’t even have a bad answer. So this is why I need your help in trying to answer this question.

Is it even possible to not judge?

The more I have thought about this, the more I realize that some of us were raised to judge. What I mean is that from the time we are born, or rather able to comprehend anything – we are taught to judge. Somethings are “right” and other things are “wrong”. Everything becomes black and white. So as we get older we carry these ideas of what is right and wrong and thrust them on everyone else.

Perhaps put another way. We all believe that the way we see the world is the best way or the most moral way (otherwise we would “disavow” our worldview) and anyone who sees the world differently is somehow wrong. I think this can be true even when we try not to be this way. What do you think? Does this even make sense?