David Crowder Band Never Disappoint’s


Last night (Friday) I was invited to see the David Crowder Band at the House of Blues in San Diego. Friday evenings I usually have dinner with a family in my church and then I come home and try to take in the stillness of the early Sabbath hours. But this Friday I decided that I wanted to see the David Crowder Band. We drove nearly two hours to get to the concert, we arrived just in time to see him take the stage. Like always he put on an amazing show. It was more than just a concert it was a worship session. Every time I see him live I always come away feeling so energized and wanting to practice more guitar.Crowder’s new record is titled “Remedy” which happens to be one of the best songs on the record. In betweens songs he mentioned that they got in contact with local homeless shelters through out the 30 cities they were touring in, they asked what their greatest needs were. The answer: Towels and Socks. So everyone that could brought towels and socks. Get a load of that. As I purchased some towels and socks I had to stop and think about how good I have it. I have never been in need of towels or socks. Such a basic necessity, but to some it makes all the difference. Hmm.


Check out his new record especially the songs, “…Neverending, Never Let Go, Remedy, Surely We Can Change.” You will not be disappointed.  Later I will post more about some of the lyrics in these songs, we have been incorporating some of Crowder’s songs during our worship services.


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