Bumper Sticker Truth



I don’t buy bumper stickers but this is one that I will buy, even if I don’t stick it to the rear of my car. It seems like common sense that something as simple as God not being a Republican or Democrat should not need to be advertised like this, but when I first saw this I had to smile. I understand that this bumper sticker has less to say about God and more to say about the people that that call themselves by the name of God and assume that they need to be associated with a particular political party simply because it is more conservative or less liberal than the other. I personally believe that as a follower of Jesus we should not ascribe to one way of seeing/doing politics over another. If you like this sticker or the one below click on them to buy(by the way I don’t benefit if you buy one). Here is another bumper sticker that speaks volumes of truth.


  1. Alex said:

    Very true. Many Christians in this country feel the need to attatch God to their politcal party. They’re Christians, they’re members of “XYZ Party”, so God must support “XYZ Party” for whatever reason! Uh, not quite… 🙂

  2. I agree with you Alex. I think it’s partly because people feel safer or more comfortable if they attach God to anything in life, especially politics. Maybe it makes us(I include myself because I am not immune to being human) feel like if we attach God to any decision we make, then somehow it makes it easier to convince others that our way of viewing the world and making decisions is the best way. On the other hand it means that individuals believe that anyone that doesn’t view the world the same way they do, are wrong and evil. What do you think?

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