Monthly Archives: August 2007


If you are from the Imperial Valley we are starting a new teaching series at our Seventh-day Adventist churches, in Brawley (Worship Service at 9:30 AM) and El Centro (Worship Service at 11 AM). The series is called “Learning to Live Well” – we will be looking at what it means that Jesus was resurrected, and what it means that we are a “resurrected” c0mmunity. “Learning to Live Well” will go back to the message of Jesus and what it means for us to day.



No, that is not a spelling error in the title.  I did it on purpose as a poetic device (I guess).  My vacation has been good so far.  Doing nothing productive and yet productively doing everything.  Can you tell I am on vacation.

The first night we drove to Colorado, we ended up staying staying just outside Las Vegas (not a part of the plan).  We were getting really sleepy so we pulled up to a Best Western in the wee hours of the morning and slept.  We were given a free additional night stay so we decided that we would check out Las Vegas.  WOW.

There is not better name to describe that city, than Sin City.  Every possible sin is accessible to you there.

Hey Everyone, I am on Vacation.  I decided to drive out to Colorado and make a few stops on the way.  I have a few things I want to write about soon.  Keep checking in on the blog.  I am not sure if I will have internet access.  Until next time.