I Just Had Surgery

Close to eight years ago I injured my Anterior Cruciate Ligament in my right knee, playing football of something. In a nutshell, eight years later (five days ago) I had surgery to replace what was left of my old ligament with a new one (that really is the nutshell because medically it is more complicated than that). The reason for getting this surgery now was because my knee was no longer stable enough for me to enjoy running (my favorite pass time). Since Tuesday afternoon I have been laying in bed with my leg elevated with an ice pace around my knee. Getting up only to use the restroom and officiate at a memorial service. Needless to say I needed help to get out of bed for both. The following is a list of things that I now realize I have taken for granted since getting out of bed takes much more effort than before.

1. I miss not being able to get up on my own strength to use the restroom, go to the kitchen, reset my wireless internet router, get a drink of water…

2. I miss not being able to drive anywhere. I just got my car back from the auto body shop. I was in an accident three weeks ago (not my fault) and I got my car back the day after surgery. I cannot drive anywhere.

3. I miss being independent. I now need a ride anywhere I want to go. I feel like I am twelve years old again.

4. I miss running, going to the gym, and walking to my mail box.

5. I miss showers!

6. I miss going to Anazao (refer to post titled “The Coffee House to End All Coffee Houses”).

7. I miss going to the movies, the mall and restaurants.

What would you miss?  Ahh, the truly examined life!

  1. sirojs said:

    I feel sorry for you but you do raise very good questions…about things we take for granted…things we complain about which are indeed blessings. Now I will enjoy my showers more…after reading your post.

  2. Thanks. Yes before going into surgery I didn’t think the recovery process would be as slow as it has been. Not too painful, but I also can’t move as well as I would like to. We should post more on “those things we take for granted” the first thing that comes to mind that we as believers take for granted is our “planet”. I haven’t seen much being done by our churches in terms of the environment. There are so many topics on which I would like to post maybe now that I am restricted mostly to my bed I can write more.

  3. Nohemi and Nicholas said:

    We do hope that you recover soon pastor, and you are right about us taking things for granted. The sad part is that we even take “people” for granted. I’ve caught myself forgetting to say thank you, specially to those closest to me, like my parents. We sometimes don’t stop to enjoy life’s little pleasures (like a child’s smile or a good conversation with a friend) because we are in such a hurry. We don’t take the time to get to know that stranger that could use some help, or even get to know the gospel through us. Sorry to all our brothers and sisters in Christ if we ever took you for granted, and Thank you for the things you do for us!!

  4. Nohemi, you are so right that we do take others for granted. It seems that we try to rush through life and we are so busy, when when we get to the end of our lives I bet we will say, “I wish I had just taken time to “be”. To exist, to experience life; like drinking coffee with friends, eating, going for walks, smelling the ocean air, sinking our feet into sand, enjoying a strangers smile,…I could go on. I think part of what God created us for was to experience being alive! Time that is invigorating, and meaningful. He calls us to live in the miraculous but he we settle so often for what is mundane.

  5. sirojs said:

    David, about the planet, I have a close friend who is very active in the area of environment and global warming. His name is John Perumal, professor in the science department at La Sierra University. He may be a good source for us to start the conversation on this topic.

  6. Siroj, that sounds great. Other than the basic understanding that we are to care for the environment I am no expert. I would love to continue this conversation. In a few months I would like to preach a sermon series on “Saving the Planet”. I had the idea of getting garment bags made with our church name and handing them out to our parishioner so that when they go shopping for groceries they will not have to use plastic bags. Lots of ideas. Lets keep talking.

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