The Coffee House to End all Other Coffee Houses!

There is a new coffee house in the Imperial County called Anazao (which derives from the Greek which means to “live again”. I have been waiting for a coffee house like this for a long time. And let me just say this coffee shop is awesome. If you are not a big fan of coffee this place has the biggest assortment of Italian Soda’s I have ever seen. The owner’s name is Osvaldo he’s a great guy.

Their mission at Anazao is, “Never Compromise: Quality, Service, Integrity”

The Mantra is, “Believe! We, at Anazao Coffee Co., believe that dreams can come true. We believe that with God, nothing is impossible, and miracles do happen.”

Show up and support them at Anazao. They are located on Imperial Avenue just south of Barioni in Imperial, CA. If you are not from around here we will keep you posted.

  1. Melissa said:

    That’s awesome! What a way to share our faith with others. Everybody drinks coffee and that’s a great entry way for people to discuss thier faith and ask questions. Yes please do keep us non-Imperial folks updated!

  2. When I spoke with the owner he said to me that opening a coffee house like this has been a dream of his for so long. I too have always dreamed of opening a coffee house like this, that is why I am so excited for Anazao. My support is going to Anazao from now on, and not that other coffee house that is on every corner. We root for the underdog!!!

  3. Frances D. Trejo-Lay said:

    Hey! Let’s not forget there is a kids corner, which my little boy enjoys for at least an hour at time. My husband likes the Wi-Fi for internet access. And the Live music on Friday nights. My husband likes the Wi-Fi for internet access. Ozzie is looking for musicians, by the way, so if you play and need a venue, give them a call. The coffe is superb. I like their made to oder coffee frappes and my son loves the Italian Sodas and he is slowly working his way through the different flavors. I’ve had a tasty roast beef sandwich and a piece of the chocolate cake that was huge and yummy! Support the place! We want to be around for years. From one Cafe buff to another, go invite your friends.

  4. Julia said:

    i tried this coffee shop for the first time today and i have to say ‘better than starbucks’ by far. by the way i highly recommend the anazao. its a drink you have to stay to enjoy, and the presentation of it is like none other. also the people that work there are extremely polite and actually enjoyable to converse with. Overall the Anazao has the whole package, superb coffee drinks( and they also have non coffee drinks for those of you who don’t drink coffee), good taste in decorating, and a cordial staff. The Anazoa promises what it delivers “Never Compromise: Quality, Service, Integrity”.

  5. Frances, yes how can I forget all of the things you mentioned about Anazao. The Wi-Fi is awesome, maybe I can make it my second office. I can’t wait for Monday morning to get an Anazao.

  6. Julia, your comment “better than Starbucks” should be the marketing slogan for Anazao, ha – i love that ‘better than starbucks’ we should start a movement.

  7. Nancy said:

    Hello everyone:

    So happy to hear about a new coffee house other than Starbucks. Although I haven’t tried it, I’ll make it a point to leave a few minutes early to work on Monday morning and stop in. Any recommendations?

  8. Nancy, from what I hear the “Anazao” is really, really good. Try that. I will try that on Monday as well. When you walk in you will really like the feel of the coffee shop. See you at the Baccalaureate tomorrow.

  9. Osvaldo Ozzie Ortiz said:

    Praise the Lord.

  10. Ozzie, we are here for you. Your dream is our dream. See you soon.

  11. I’m writing in a small, independently owned coffee shop that opened up just half a block from my church. I’m here all the time. It’s by a couple of really wonderful Latin-American young men. It really is wonderful to support underdog businesses in the community. But I have to say it would be harder if the coffee weren’t so good. I can’t compromise on the coffee! 🙂

  12. Ryan, yes always support the underdog. I told Ozzie, the owner of this coffee shop that I would not support Starbucks during their hours of operation. And the coffee here is the best. It’s great! The Next time I am in Hollywood I will have to visit.

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