Filling Water Stations

In my previous post, I talked about an article I read in the Imperial Valley Press about a man by the name of John Hunter who back in 2000 began filling water stations for individuals trying to cross the border. I understand that there are two sides to this issue. Well just minutes ago I got off of the phone with John Hunter (You can see a picture of him in the previous post) I asked him about how one can volunteer to fill these watering stations. He was more than happy to give me all of the information that I needed. He also told me how just minutes before I called he had received a phone call about how what he was doing was wrong. Again there are two sides to every story. I set up a date to tentatively help. Their busiest day to fill these water stations is on Saturday. As I spoke with him, I thought what better way to live our faith in God, as the Creator than to care for his creation, regardless of nationality and religion. I will post later about how the experience went.

  1. Zulema said:

    I am thrilled to hear that you are following your voiced concerns with action. It is essential that an action follows our every conviction. Otherwise, our version of Christianity is a balloon, inflated with grand words and criticism of society, but empty as air inside. While the topic you cover is controversial, I think it goes beyond which side of the “illegal immigration” debate you choose. As Christians, we have a responsibility to serve our fellow human beings. God does not make distinctions according to our nationality, legal status, or social class. These distinctions simply don’t exist for God. American contemporary society breeds an individualistic pessimism, in which our primary focus is what’s better for ourselves. This also leads to hopeless resignation of the social conditions in our communities, prone to popular determinisms of the day. As Christians, however, shouldn’t we assert ourselves against this deadening sense of fate and this selfish aloofness to the world? I would think we should be at the forefront of offering hope and following our professed titles to act more like Christ, who served ALL of humanity, not just a selected few.

  2. Zulema, I had a conversation with someone just the other day, who made the distinction between “Christianity” and “Humanism”. I asked him, “Why can’t Christian’s be Humanists?” It is sad that so often Christians leave the work of changing lives to others. What does that say about the Christianity we live. You are right that our convictions must be followed by action. Sometimes however it is a difficult task to achieve because we are so ingrained with what you called “individualistic pessimism”.

  3. David, this is exactly the kind of thing we try to look for in Hollywood! Well done. Here’s where I would also be thinking, as a Christian leader in this situation: what scriptural narratives come to mind when you think about filling water stations! I mean, my mind goes wild. There’s an OT story that I don’t know very well about cleaning out old wells full of sand.

    If you imbed this ACTION of filling water stations inside a BIBLICAL NARRATIVE that enlives your members’ imagination, you not only do some good for people (humanism) but you participate in God’s kingdom by living into the gospel story.

  4. Ryan, I like how you said, “God’s kingdom by living into the gospel Story”. I have been thinking about how to include this into a part of one of my future sermons. From the few people I have talked to about his, they seem excited to take part in that. I will keep everyone updated how it goes. I think I will go on my first water filling experience in two weeks, on the Sabbath- that is exciting to provide rest for others on Sabbath.

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