Water Stations in the Desert


I came across this article in the Imperial Valley Press online, it is our local newspaper in the valley. The article talks about a man by the name of John Hunter, native of San Diego “along with a few friends, decided to set up water stations throughout the desert in areas where illegal immigrants may be trekking.” I know there are different points of view as to whether these “Water Stations” encourage illegal immigration. I choose to see the otherside of the story that, to use the words of John Hunter “There’s nothing worse than knowing a station wasn’t full and someone wasn’t able to get water.” This is awesome to see someone doing something that, in my opinion is so unexpected and so helpful. I have hope. Click Here to read the entire article

  1. Melissa said:

    This is an interesting article. Though there are many opinions to illegals crossing the border, I have to agree on helping them and giving them sources to live, like water. Wether we want them here or not, we are not only doing this for the men and women, but to our God as well. He told us “to love”, not to love wether you are illegal or not. Although I have to say that if we did not have illegals here in the United States, who of us would be here? Who would do the field work? I doubt many Americans would be so willing to go and start picking the crops that we need to survive. Would we be willing to go and paint our own houses? Or how about cleaning our houses or taking care of our kids? I am half Mexican and half American, so it is very hard to side either way. I beleive wether we stopped illegals from coming or let them sneak in, there will always be “a good and a bad” to each situation. Good choice of topic David! 😉

  2. I think there is a lot of truth to what you said. Especially to the fact there are always two sides to every story. I, like you am a product of parents that came to this country to make a better life, they are both citizens now, but even before their citizenship they were tax payers and they did not try to take advantage of our system. I understand the arguments for both sides. I am open to immigrants coming into this country if they are willing to pay taxes and abide by the laws of this country. This topic is always going to be a hot one.

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