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Raising awareness about something doesn’t always mean that this awareness raises a sense of caring. It seems that from the time I can remember, Christianity has been something that at times, is worn on a sleeve or carried around like an accessory. One of the things that I have learned over the years is that Christianity should be less about what we call ourselves and more about the actions that come from us. In much of the literature that is emerging about authentic Christianity is that our Christianity must be one that is “incarnate”. The words of Jesus in John 20:21 are “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” This is our churches first step in our journey of discovering what it means to live an incarnate faith.

We know we did not change the world in one afternoon by handing out lunches with other goodies, but we felt like it was the beginning of something that extended beyond ourselves. Raising awareness about the homeless in our community is nothing new, and it doesn’t mean raising a sense of caring. For a faith to be incarnate, it means that we must care, not just about the homeless but also those that have homes, but are emotionally in need, physically in need, and spiritually in need. Everyone must begin somewhere.

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There is a new coffee house in the Imperial County called Anazao (which derives from the Greek which means to “live again”. I have been waiting for a coffee house like this for a long time. And let me just say this coffee shop is awesome. If you are not a big fan of coffee this place has the biggest assortment of Italian Soda’s I have ever seen. The owner’s name is Osvaldo he’s a great guy.

Their mission at Anazao is, “Never Compromise: Quality, Service, Integrity”

The Mantra is, “Believe! We, at Anazao Coffee Co., believe that dreams can come true. We believe that with God, nothing is impossible, and miracles do happen.”

Show up and support them at Anazao. They are located on Imperial Avenue just south of Barioni in Imperial, CA. If you are not from around here we will keep you posted.

In my previous post, I talked about an article I read in the Imperial Valley Press about a man by the name of John Hunter who back in 2000 began filling water stations for individuals trying to cross the border. I understand that there are two sides to this issue. Well just minutes ago I got off of the phone with John Hunter (You can see a picture of him in the previous post) I asked him about how one can volunteer to fill these watering stations. He was more than happy to give me all of the information that I needed. He also told me how just minutes before I called he had received a phone call about how what he was doing was wrong. Again there are two sides to every story. I set up a date to tentatively help. Their busiest day to fill these water stations is on Saturday. As I spoke with him, I thought what better way to live our faith in God, as the Creator than to care for his creation, regardless of nationality and religion. I will post later about how the experience went.


I came across this article in the Imperial Valley Press online, it is our local newspaper in the valley. The article talks about a man by the name of John Hunter, native of San Diego “along with a few friends, decided to set up water stations throughout the desert in areas where illegal immigrants may be trekking.” I know there are different points of view as to whether these “Water Stations” encourage illegal immigration. I choose to see the otherside of the story that, to use the words of John Hunter “There’s nothing worse than knowing a station wasn’t full and someone wasn’t able to get water.” This is awesome to see someone doing something that, in my opinion is so unexpected and so helpful. I have hope. Click Here to read the entire article