Monthly Archives: May 2007

Do you have what it takes to change the world?

Last week, the cover of TIME Magazine read “The Most Influential People in The World: The Time 100″ – A variety of people from different strata of life were mentioned – from musicians and actors to scientists and politicians ( or to use their categories Leaders & Revolutionaries, Builders & Titans, Artists & Entertainers, Scientists and Thinkers and Hero’s & Pioneers).

These 100 individuals were acknowledged based on “the idea that individuals – by virtue of their character, their drives and their dreams – change the world and make history.” Again my question to you is, “Do you have what it takes to change the world?’

Perhaps you are finding it difficult to answer this question, so let me answer it for you. YES, the answer is yes.

For that to be true there is a criteria we must accept as a kind of measuring stick. The first part of the criteria is that, you must be willing to look beyond yourself, your life situation and beyond your time. Individuals that make a lasting difference in this world work to make this world a better place, not for themselves but for the generations that will exist long after their own.

This, however, is not always well received in our society.

There is a thought that says, “time is fleeting” signifying that time is precious. If this is true, we must make the most of our lives while we have them. So working to leave a better world for the generations to come becomes a waste of precious time because we will not likely see the fruits of our labors.

Instead I would like to offer an opposite view. I maintain that “time is fleeting” for that fact can hardly be contended. Yet the difference is that working to make this world a better place for generations to come is not a waste of precious time at all. In all reality it is the only thing worth our time.

Working for and towards a better world, will undoubtedly yield its result in the present time, even if only to beckon awareness of a better place, time, and way of life.

–Next week I will continue my thoughts on this discussion–