About the Grass-Root

I am an Adventist pastor writing from the land down under. Except its not the place you might be thinking about. I am writing from El Centro, California that contrary to its Spanish translation is not “at” the center of, nor “is” the center of anything. On second thought, if we consider the center as the middle, then I am in the middle of the desert. Being as it may, I find myself so far outside the conversation going on in the blog-o-shpere that this is where I begin, to post my thoughts on God, life and culture (in other words-everything).

  1. Zulema said:

    El Centro might be in the middle of the desert, but it is now becoming a second home for flocks of San Diegans… sigh… more people coming in and fewer jobs available…

  2. Trisha said:

    Bring it on, Pastor! I’ve already linked you onto my site. =)

  3. Zulema Ibarra said:

    Just so that you know, I finally have a blog set up on my own take on our soon-coming website for the media project we’ve been working on. By two weeks, several of us in the group should have running blogs to comment on the project, issues in the Middle East, etc.

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